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Approach to Environment

Environmental Basic Principle

We recognize “Global Vision“ as a common goal and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society through coexisting with the environment and society for the next generation.

Environmental Policies

We take into consideration the whole process from design and development to manufacturing, sales, usage, and disposal of automobile-related parts, environmental equipment, and household gas-related components, and work on activities that contribute to environmental protection by continuously reducing environmental burdens.

  1. We will contribute to the creation of a rich society through our people and technology, by working together with all our employees to make the best products that are safe for the environment.
  2. We will contribute to the creation of a sustainable society by undertaking the following specific activities:
    • ①Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by reducing defects and strengthening productivity through improvement activities.
    • ②Offer a wide range of products incorporating 3R and environmentally conscious designs with full consideration of their life cycle.
    • ③To promote substitution or reduction of the use of hazardous chemicals in consideration of pollution, fire prevention and safety.
  3. We will comply with requirements of Japan and overseas, such as environmental laws and regulations, ordinances, and agreements, as well as local communities and customers and to endeavor to improve environmental management levels and prevent pollution.
  4. We will proactively work on environmental management and our management blue print, and strive to continuously improve our environmental management structure.
  5. We will continue to enhance our communication and maintain good relations with the community.
  6. We will periodically evaluate the results of our activities, perform necessary revisions, and implement necessary training for your workers to achieve our environmental goals.