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Message from Top Management

Mikuni: the 100th anniversary and beyond In 2023, Mikuni will celebrate its 100th anniversary.

Since we started our business as a trading firm importing goods from Europe nearly a century ago, we have grown to become who we are today—an enterprise group that takes pride in its distinctive manufacturing excellence. We are very much aware that we were unable to achieve such growth without the generous support of our many stakeholders, including customers, local communities, and business partners.

Towards our 100th anniversary and beyond, Mikuni aspires to be a leading mid-sized company that truly differentiates itself in the industry and local markets in which it operates. To realize this goal, we must deliver increased and enhanced value on an ongoing basis.

Our mission is to help people lead a safe, comfortable, and joyous life and contribute to a healthy global environment. Accordingly, we operate our business from a global perspective and utilize our talents and technologies to fulfill our stated mission.

Throughout its history, Mikuni has obsessively pursued manufacturing excellence and embraced a spirit of independence, and we plan on doing so for many years to come. While maintaining the tradition we have built upon, we will aggressively innovate our technologies and businesses. I am strongly convinced that this dual approach will faithfully allow us to navigate forward as we continue our journey toward our 100 year anniversary and beyond.

In striving for sustained growth and development, we at the Mikuni Group will continue to innovate and evolve our business based on our longstanding brand value and infrastructure built over many years.