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Heaters for Automobiles

We (Mikuni) have been consistently engaged in manufacture, sales and service of various heater products. For the purpose of accomplishing greater customer satisfaction, however, we have separated production from sales, establishing a new company (joint venture). Sales and service will be handled by the new company.
As in the past, our company (Mikuni) will be responsible for production (manufacture) of heaters. With Mikuni brand, the new company will be responsible for sales of heaters.
For sales of heaters as well as service associated with sales, please contact the new company.

Contact (for sales and service of heaters)

Eberspächer Mikuni Climate Control Systems Corporation
Tel: 050-3802-7612 (Main line)

Products handled by new company

MXA Type Heater

Pre-heater, mainly used for bus, applying stable gun type burner with good adaptability. Widely used as built-in type to bus air conditioner, too.

MXA Type Heater
Railway Point Switch Heater

Protects railway point switching systems from snow cover and freezing to secure train operation safety.

Railway Point Heater
De-odo Burner

Destroys unpleasant smell from operation of septic service trucks, etc. and helps provide comfortable environment.

Air Heater (Airtronic)

Adopting air circulating method taking steps of sucking cold air which is present inside and outside vehicle, heating the cold air, and sending the heated air to inside the vehicle, thus calmly warming vehicle inner space.

Air Heater (Airtronic)
Water Heater (Hydronic)

To be built into coolant circuit of vehicle body. Without engine start, this heater warms vehicle inner space and engine coolant.

Water Heater (Hydronic)

* MX:Preheater