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Compliance Code of Conduct

The purpose of the "Compliance Code of Conduct" is that all officers and employees of Mikuni and Mikuni Group companies shall improve understanding of and consciousness about compliance, and Mikuni and Mikuni Group companies will continue to be trusted by society as the company that practices fair and right business activities.

  1. We will respect diversity and human rights of employees and widely utilize personnel as a global company.
  2. We will make efforts to correctly understand and comply with the laws and act with a high sense of ethics.
  3. We will promote development of products and services with quality and safety satisfactory to customers from a global perspective.
  4. We will promote fair and transparent handling of corporate information.
  5. We will properly manage the properties of the Company and respect the rights not only of ourselves but also of third parties.
  6. We will create a working environment where every individual employee can exert their ability and vitality.
  7. We will construct impartial and fair relationships with customers and business partners and promote business activities.
  8. We will promote harmony with the regional community and make efforts for social contribution.
  9. We will make efforts to preserve the global environment and protect health of people and ecology.