Message from Top Management

Mikuni's 100th anniversary

Mikuni will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2023.
We started as an import trading company from Europe, and as a business group based on "Monozukuri" *, we have grown with the support from many people, including customers, local communities, and business partners.

Towards the 100th anniversary of our founding, we envision Mikuni as "a unique medium-sized company" that has a strong presence in "the region and the industry".

We always have a global perspective and believe that our main business and mission is to make proposals and contributions that utilize our people and technology to those who seek the consideration of the environment, safety, comfort, happiness, and enjoyment.

We are confident that our commitment to the essence of "Monozukuri" and the spirit of being an independent company as well as continuing to challenge innovation in technology and business must remain unchanged. That is the path to the 100th anniversary of our founding and beyond.

We will continue to evolve under the theme of "permanence and development" based on the brand that our seniors have built. We look forward to your continued support of the Mikuni Group.

* "Monozukuri" is a Japanese term to describe the process of creating superior products through the pride of workmanship, manufacturing excellence, and continuous improvement.

Hisataka Ikuta
Hisataka Ikuta
President, CEO & COO