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Our growth is brought by cooperation with our group companies that share the same goals.
The organic cohesion of the group companies inspires and enhances each other.
The group companies are strongly linked together and are able to exert even greater power.
This is Mikuni's greatest asset.


Mikuni Partec Corporation
  • Die-casting, Machining, Metal plating, Grinding, Stamping

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Mikuni Life and Auto Co., Ltd.

  • Welfare equipment, Health equipment, Portable humidifiers, Automobile driving assistance devices for people with disabilities, Wheelchair lifts, Rent-a-car with driving assistance devices for people with disabilities

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Sales and Services

Mikuni Aerospace Corporation

  • Import and sale of materials for aircraft manufacturing, maintenance and servicing.

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Mikuni Green Service Co., Ltd.

  • One stop solution provider for Golf course, sport field and resort facility maintenance and management. Machinery sales and maintenance. Irrigation installation service.

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Ebersp├Ącher Mikuni Climate Control Systems Corporation

  • Air conditioning systems for vehicles and related products

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Asahi Air Supply, Inc.

  • Parts, materials, electronic parts and standardized parts for aircraft

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Sunrise Medical Japan Co., Ltd.
  • Wheelchairs, seating products and equipment for the disabled and elderly


Mikuni Xymas Corporation
  • Corporate welfare services, real estate leasing, administrative services for the parent company and group companies.
Mikuni Living Service Corporation
  • Sales of food, clothing, daily necessities, etc., management of corporate cafeterias, and sales of office supplies and books.