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To contribute to the realization of an affluent society by making full use of our human resources and technology from a global perspective, we have business relations with suppliers in various fields.

Procurement Policy

1.Open procurement
We will select excellent suppliers based on our own indicators to assess such areas as technological development capabilities, overseas expansion, and business management capabilities, in addition to Q, C, and D (Quality, Cost and Delivery).
2.Promotion of cost reduction through mutual efforts
To improve quality and reduce costs, we will adopt positive improvement proposals offered by suppliers from the product development stage.
3.Promotion of optimal global procurement
We are expanding our local production in response to customer requirements.
We are promoting optimal global procurement activities with the prospect of procurement from suppliers' overseas bases and direct supply to our overseas production bases.
-We will comply with international laws, regulations, and social codes, and conduct fair procurement operations.
-To prevent the violation of laws and regulations and similar acts as well as strive for early detection and rectification, we are operating an internal reporting system (Mikuni Helpline) by designating an outside law firm and our in-house Compliance Committee Office as points of contact. This system is also available to Mikuni's suppliers.
Internal reporting contact point Means of reporting Contact details
Mikuni Corporation Compliance Committee Office Email mikunihelpline@nifty.com
Telephone +81-3-5818-8286
During business hours from Monday to Friday (our business days only)
* At the discretion of the contact person, reports may be accepted outside the above hours.
By mail 6-13-11 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0021, Japan
Midosuji Legal Profession Corporation Tokyo Office Email mikunihelpline@midosujilaw.gr.jp
Telephone +81-3-3507-5544
9:00 to 18:00 from Monday to Friday (excluding holidays and New Year holidays)
* At the discretion of the lawyer in charge, reports may be accepted outside the above hours.
By mail 20F Kasumigaseki Bldg., 3-2-5 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-6020, Japan
5.Green procurement
-We will promote green procurement activities in accordance with our environmental policy.
6.Initiatives to comply with the conflict minerals regulations
-We are conducting supply chain surveys required by the conflict minerals provision of the U.S. Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.