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Disclosure Policy

Basic Policy

The basic policy of Mikuni Corporation (the "Company") is to conduct proper information disclosure in a timely and fair manner so that shareholders and investors can have complete understanding of the Company.

Standards and Methods for Information Disclosure

The Company will disclose information in accordance with the Rules on Timely Disclosure of Corporate Information by Issuers of Listed Securities (the "Timely Disclosure Rules") stipulated by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Information that falls under the Timely Disclosure Rules will be disclosed on the Timely Disclosure Network ("TDnet") provided by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The information materials will also be distributed to the news media.
In addition, even if the information does not fall under the Timely Disclosure Rules, we will disclose any information deemed useful for the complete understanding of the Company in an appropriate manner, based on the objective of the Timely Disclosure Rules.
The posting of information on this website (the "Website") is only a supplementary disclosure method and may not include all of the information that is made public. To check the disclosed information of the Company, please refer to other information sources, such as TDnet, as well as the Website.

Quiet Period

In order to prevent the leak of important information, including financial results, and to ensure fairness, the Company has a "quiet period" from the day following the account closing date until the announcement date of results. Please be reminded that during this period, the Company will refrain from making comments publicly or respond to inquiries related to our financial results. However, during a quiet period, if a significant discrepancy from the earnings forecast is anticipated or similar events occur, information will be disclosed in accordance with the Timely Disclosure Rules.

Notes on the Use of the Website

The Website publishes information to help shareholders and investors better understand the Company, and it is not intended to solicit investments. We request that investment decision be made at your own discretion.
Please note that the information posted contains the forward-looking statements about earnings forecasts, which are prepared based on the information available as of the announcement date of the materials, and the actual results may differ from these earnings forecasts due to a variety of factors.
In addition, although the Company pays due attention to the posting, the Company will assume no responsibility or liability for any failure or the like caused by data download or other reasons.