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Products for Automobiles

Electronic Controlled Throttle Body

  • Electronically controls the opening and closing of the throttle valve to optimize output control (ETV) for gasoline vehicles and negative pressure control (ACV) for diesel vehicles.

Plastic Intake Manifold

  • Lightweight and low-cost intake manifold made of resin.

Variable Valve Timing System (VVT&OCV)

  • A hydraulic actuator that controls the valve timing of the engine and a solenoid valve for hydraulic control.

Electric Oil Pump

  • Brushless DC motor driven trochoidal oil pump (with integrated driver).

Electric Vacuum Pump

  • Vacuum pump for EV and HEV that supplies negative pressure to the brake booster.

Vacuum Pump

  • Vacuum pump for diesel and gasoline vehicles that supplies negative pressure to the brake booster.

Electronic Exhaust Valve

  • Throttle valve for controlling the exhaust pressure and the exhaust heat of diesel and gasoline engines.

Cooling Water Control Valve

  • It controls multiple cooling water channels in the engine with a single body, which leads to early warm-up, improved combustion, reduced friction and cooling loss, and improved fuel efficiency and emissions.

Active Pedal

  • It is a controller-integrated pedal module with a function to push back the accelerator pedal (active) by driving the actuator.