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Company Overview


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The Mikuni Group manufactures and sells automobile-related products mainly for fuel-injection systems for cars and motorcycles, life-related products such as gas control devices, and welfare care devices such as driving assistance devices. We are also engaged in the import and sales business of aircraft parts and Turf-care equipment.
Established as an import trading company in 1923 and began operating a factory in 1936, Mikuni Shoten has grown as a "Monozukuri" company.

*"Monozukuri" is a Japanese term to describe the process of creating superior products through pride of workmanship, manufacturing excellence, and continuous improvement.



The Mikuni Group has expanded its business into various fields. The following is a breakdown of its business composition.

Products for Automobiles

We develop and produce products that appropriately control fuel and air in order to operate engines efficiently, and products that reduce environmental pollutants contained in exhaust gas.
Specifically, we develop intake systems, valve systems, thermal control systems, sensors, pumps, etc., and manufacture and sell them to car manufacturers around the world.
The Japanese automobile industry forms several pyramids (so-called "Keiretsu") with one car manufacturer at the top, but Mikuni does not belong to any pyramid. As an independent automobile parts manufacturer, we supply parts and systems to many car manufacturers.


Products for Motorcycles and Power Products

We develop a wide range of products from intake system and valve system products for large motorcycles to fuel injection systems for small motorcycles, and manufacture and sell them around the world.
For overseas customers, we directly sell products developed and manufactured by local Mikuni Group companies to customers in each region.
We also supply intake systems, valve systems, and pump systems to outboard motor manufacturers.


Devices for Comfortable Life (Gas Control Devices)

We supply kitchen equipment and water heater manufacturers with products to prevent gas accidents.
We develop, manufacture, and sell gas control devices such as Safety Shut-off Devices for Gas Appliances used in kitchen equipment and Proportional Gas Control Valves used in water heaters in Japan and overseas.

Products for Aircrafts

Mikuni Aerospace, a group company, has been serving customers of Japan’s aerospace industry in their requirements for supply of various products including those of PCC and its group, the industry’s major suppliers of large-scale, complex shaped, high precision castings and forgings, as well as for other overseas sourcing and processing.
We will continue to strive for improved services and win full customer satisfaction with our industry-leading expertise and high quality.

Turf-care Equipment

Mikuni Green Service, a group company, purchase turf-care equipment from domestic and overseas manufacturers and sell them to domestic golf courses and stadiums.

Other Businesses

Mikuni Life & Auto, a group company, manufactures and sells driving assistive devices that assist the driving of people with disabilities as well as products to assist wheelchair users in getting on and off the vehicle.


MIKUNI's global group networks

Mikuni has 38 business locations in 11 countries and regions and is expanding its business globally.
(11 countries and regions: Japan, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, India, USA, Mexico, Germany, and France)

04 ESG

ESG initiatives

Mikuni, with a keen awareness of being a member of society, is responsible for the influences of its businesses on society and the environment, and therefore engages in a variety of corporate activities toward the realization of an affluent society from the perspective of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG).


Mikuni has a basic environmental philosophy of "Contributing to the realization of a sustainable society aimed at coexistence with the environment and communities as well as mutual prosperity for the next generation."
We consider all the processes involved in a product life cycle - from design to development, production, selling, usage, and disposal - as monozukuri (manufacturing), and are committed to initiatives that reduce the impact on the environment and contribute to environmental protection.


Mikuni believes that not only its customers, suppliers, shareholders, and creditors, but also its employees and local communities are key stakeholders. For our employees, while developing a friendly working environment, we are also implementing all kinds of measures to ensure the health of our employees and their families. Each of our Plants holds a summer evening festival and invites the local people to promote friendly relations with them.


Mikuni broadly delegates authority to the Executive Officer's Meeting, and at the same time, the Board of Directors concentrates on supervising management. The Board of Directors consists of ten members, five of whom are Outside Directors. In addition to the establishment of a system to prevent misconduct and the like, we are also making efforts to create a corporate culture that never allows misconduct to occur.


MIKUNI in numbers

Here are some of Mikuni's features in numbers.

Founded in
Consolidated net sales:
93.8billion yen
(Year ending March 31, 2023)
operating income:
3.1billion yen
(Year ending March 31, 2023)
Total consolidated assets:
100.1billion yen
(Year ending March 31, 2023)
Consolidated net assets:
32.2billion yen
(Year ending March 31, 2023)
Number of employees:
(March 2023)
Number of locations
19offices in Japan
19overseas locations
(April 2023)

Challenge to the future
"Focusing on the 100th anniversary
of the foundation and beyond"

Established in 1923 as Mikuni Shoten, an import trading company,
Mikuni has grown into a manufacturing company since its factory operation in 1936.
In 2015, we moved from the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange to
the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and in the year ended March 31, 2018,
our consolidated sales exceeded 100 billion yen for the first time since our establishment.
Looking ahead to the 100th anniversary of 2023 and beyond, the Mikuni Group
will continue to innovate with the spirit of being an independent company.