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Brand Message

"Contribute to the creation of a prosperous society". This is not only our corporate philosophy, but also Mikuni's unchanging aspiration from the time of our founding to the present and into the future.
On the occasion of the 100th anniversary, we took the opportunity of our history to think about what Mikuni has done and will continue to do to contribute to the creation of society, and what Mikuni's raison d'être is. The answer we arrived at was our brand message, "Create, Protect, Open".
Carburetors, which were our main product at one time, were an important component that supported motorization from its very foundation. We “created” those carburetors with the skill of craftsmen, and we “preserved” people with the technology of safe combustion and contributed to “opening” the world of motorization.
We also think that from the age of carburetors to the present, along with the evolution of technology, we have been working hard at Monozukuri, “preserving” people's lives and the environment by supplying and providing products and services related to safety and security while sticking to quality and “opening” up new paths while adapting to the changes of the times.
We will continue to “create, preserve, and open” and will contribute to the creation of a prosperous society.

Our new brand message expresses our vision and aspirations for the next 100 years.

Brand Message

"Monozukuri" forms our foundation. With our own innovative technology supported by tradition and skill of craftsmen, let us create products and services that satisfy our customers.


Let us ensure quality by strictly complying with laws while giving consideration to the environment so that all people can use our products safely and with peace of mind. Let us preserve diverse personalities and lifestyles so that various employees can work with smiles.


Let us have dreams and make efforts to change ourselves and open up new possibilities, trends, and worlds with our own hands. And let us open up a prosperous society.

  • We promise to protect the daily lives of people who can live safely and comfortably in nature and to open up a prosperous future through quality-first manufacturing that takes safety and the environment into consideration.

  • We promise to create high-quality solutions that meet market needs and open up new business opportunities and markets together, while maintaining a relationship of mutual trust.

  • We promise to create a rewarding workplace where diversity is respected, opportunities for challenge are preserved, and employees are healthy and able to fulfill their dreams.

  • We promise to always uphold the tradition of quality-first manufacturing based on the highest ethical standards and in consideration of safety and the environment, and to create innovations that will influence the next trend and pioneer new businesses.

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