Environmental Initiatives

Basic Environmental Philosophy

With a "global perspective" as our shared awareness, we are contributing to the realization of a sustainable society aimed at coexistence with the environment and communities as well as mutual prosperity for the next generation.

Environmental Policy

In our view, "monozukuri (manufacturing)" refers to the entire process of the life cycle of our products - more specifically, the process from design to development, production, selling, usage, and disposal of the parts related to vehicles, devices for comfortable life, and household gas equipment. We are committed to initiatives that continuously reduce the impact on the environment and contribute to environmental protection.

  1. All employees will work together as one in order to implement monozukuri manufacturing with the highest priority to Quality, with due consideration to safety and the environment, and thus contribute to the realization of an affluent society by making full use of our human resources and technology.
  2. We will work on the following specific activities to contribute to the creation of a sustainable society:
    1. (1) Not to mention a reduction of defects and improvement of productivity, we will lower greenhouse gas emissions by conducting improvement activities.
    2. (2) In consideration of the product life cycle, we will offer a broad range of products incorporating the concept of the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle) as well as environmentally conscious designs.
    3. (3) In consideration of the prevention of pollution, contamination, and fires as well as safety, we will promote the substitution or reduction of hazardous chemicals.
  3. We will comply with requirements in Japan and abroad, including environment-related legislation, regulations, ordinances, and agreements, as well as requirements from local communities and customers, and make efforts to improve the level of environmental management and to prevent pollution and contamination.
  4. As a business strategy, we will actively address environmental management and strive for continuous improvement through our environmental management system.
  5. We will foster communication with local communities in order to maintain good relations with them.
  6. We will assess the results of our activities and conduct regular reviews as well as provide all workers in our company with the education and training needed for the achievement of our goals.