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Environmental Initiatives

Basic Environmental Principle

To realize a sustainable society, we all strive “with a global perspective" to coexist with society and the environment, and to create a future in which next generations can enjoy a prosperous life.

Environmental Policy

In our Automotive Parts business and Household Appliances Device business, we contribute to the protection of the global environment by continuously striving to reduce environmental impact generated throughout the lifecycle of our products (all processes from design, development, manufacturing, sales, use, and disposal).

  1. All of us at Mikuni are united in our commitment to quality-first manufacturing that takes safety and the environment into consideration, and to "contribute to the realization of an affluent society by making the full use of human resources and technology.”
  2. We contribute to the creation of a sustainable society by engaging in the following specific activities.
    1. Improve productivity and energy saving by accomplishing all processes in business activities in a short time.
    2. In addition to i) above, introduce renewable energy and switch to low-carbon energy sources to achieve carbon neutrality.
    3. Promote environmentally friendly design throughout the product lifecycle and provide a wide range of products using green procured materials and parts.
    4. Substitute or reduce the use of hazardous chemicals in consideration of pollution and fire prevention and safety.
  3. We comply with domestic and international requirements such as environment-related laws, regulations, ordinances, and agreements, as well as requirements from local communities and customers, and strive to improve our environmental management level and prevent pollution.
  4. We actively engage in environmental management as a corporate strategy and strive for continuous improvement through our environmental management system.
  5. We continuously communicate with our stakeholders and maintain good relationships with them.
  6. We evaluate the results of our activities and review them regularly. We also provide education and training to all of our employees to help them achieve our goals.