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Mikuni, with a keen awareness of being a member of society, is responsible for the influences of its businesses on society and the environment, and therefore engages in a variety of corporate activities toward the realization of an affluent society from the perspective of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG).


Mikuni has a basic environmental philosophy of "Contributing to the realization of a sustainable society aimed at coexistence with the environment and communities as well as mutual prosperity for the next generation."
We consider all the processes involved in a product life cycle - from design to development, production, selling, usage, and disposal - as monozukuri (manufacturing) , and are committed to initiatives that reduce the impact on the environment and contribute to environmental protection.


Mikuni believes that not only its customers, suppliers, shareholders, and creditors, but also its employees and local communities are key stakeholders. For our employees, while developing a friendly working environment, we are also implementing all kinds of measures to ensure the health of our employees and their families.


Mikuni broadly delegates authority to the Executive Officer's Meeting, and at the same time, the Board of Directors concentrates on supervising management. The Board of Directors consists of ten members, five of whom are Outside Directors. In addition to the establishment of a system to prevent misconduct and the like, we are also making efforts to create a corporate culture that never allows misconduct to occur.