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Products Information

Components and Parts for Automobiles

Introduction to Mikuni's Core Products of Automotive Components and Parts. Offering a wide range of products including products for electronic control fuel injection system, as well as carburetors, pumps and heaters.

Devices for Comfortable Life

Mikuni develops and manufactures flame failure devices and other safety control devices for gas appliances, water controllers for comfortable environment, water controllers and commercial humidifiers.

Consumer Productss

Mikuni develops and sells "Eco-Humidifiers" that use no electricity and other originality aftermarket products.

Assistive Equipment and Products

Mikuni develops assistive equipment and products, aiming for creation of nursing care environment comfortable to both caregivers and care receivers.

Import and DistributionImport and Distribution

Mikuni imports and distributes aerospace equipment, parts and accessories as well as lawn mowers and other turf-care products.